NRB Unit UCT 210 (50 mm)


Item Code: YTU 50 (UCT 210)

Item Type: Take-up Ball Bearing Unit

Shaft Diameter (d): 50 mm

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Ball Bearing Units consists of a deep groove ball bearing mounted in a housing that can be bolted to a support surface. The bearing has a sphered (convex) outside surface and an extended inner ring that includes a mechanism to lock the unit onto the shaft. The housing has a correspondingly sphered (concave) inside surface. Ball Bearing Units can accommodate moderate initial misalignment but normally do not permit axial displacement.

NRB Industrial (NIBL) Take-up Ball Bearing Unit provides easy slip fit shaft mounting and additional shaft support. The bearing features seals with flared lips to provide a positive seal against dust, dirt, and other contaminants while effectively retaining the lubricant. Most types have large grease capacity. This feature facilitates more effective lubrication.

NRB manufactures Ball Bearing Units of UCP (~ YAS), UCF (~ YCJ), UCFL (~ YCJT), and UCT (~ YTU) type in metric (mm) as well as imperial (inch) sizes.

Shaft Diameter (d)

Width of Fixing Groove (A1)

Width of Block (A2)

Height of Block (H)

Height from Base to Center of Bearing (L1)

Length of Guidance Groove (L3)

Height of Housing Fixing Side (H2)

Fixing Bore (N)


Housing Material

50 mm

17.5 mm

49.2 mm

120.6 mm

91.3 mm

85.7 mm

82.6 mm

28.6 mm

2.50 kg

Cast Iron

Additional information

Weight 2.50 kg


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