Sandvik Hyperion Solid Carbide Rods PN90

Applications: Drills, End Mills, Reamers, Countersinks, Engraving Tools, Routers, and other Rotary Tools

General Options:

  • Diameter: 1.7 mm to 38.5 mm (available in inch as well)
  • Length: 320 mm or cut-to-length
  • Tolerance: Ground, Unground, Precision
  • Type: Solid, Through-Coolant

*Solid Carbide is also known as Cemented Carbide and Tungsten Carbide (WC)

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Sandvik Hyperion is a global, full-line provider of Tungsten Carbide, Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD), and Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) solutions.

It manufactures a wide range of tungsten carbide rods, now organized into the High Performance, Application Specific, and General Purpose series.

Grade PN90 offers exceptional performance when sharp edge profiles are required combined with high wear resistance while machining hardened steel (> HRC60) for mold and die applications.

Our products bring to you an exclusive combination of superior cemented carbide grades and dimensional precision that provides the features and benefits required for your demanding machining. The use of Sandvik Hyperion carbide rods means secured consistency, performance, and reliability.

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