Ensitech Neutralizing Fluid TB-41

Item Code: Ensitech TB-41

Item Type: Neutralizing Fluid

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Before using any of the TIG Brush neutralizing fluids, rinse off the cleaning fluid thoroughly with clean water. Then apply the appropriate neutralizing fluid to remove any of the residual acidity. If your work has a tendency to form a white “frosting” on the metal surface, the TIG Brush neutralizing products reduce this. As the white frosting can occur after many days, it is important to use your neutralizing fluid as soon as possible after cleaning.

TB-41 is a non-dangerous (non-flammable, non-corrosive) formulation, developed for neutralizing TB-30, TB-41 contains a range of fast-acting, effective components that neutralize any residual acidic components within seconds. TB-41 contains unique components that remove the complex chemistry of TB-30.


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